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We are maintaining and approve the buyer nominated testing quality control agency ( e.g. Bureau Veritas, SGS, Intertek Testing Services , Inspectorate ) for ensure the right quality . Moreover we have quality control department operated by skilled persons which is aintained world standard quality. We follow the same principle of the ISO certification of our global services is a testament of our commitment to the quality & buyers satisfaction.

For ABU, quality is never a compromise. ABU has a team of professional , who are committed in making your vision a reality, ABU hereby promise to make a contribution to improvement of the clothing life style of all world citizens. Our goal is to maintain quality.

Information Of Quality Control For Ready-Made Garments

  1. Buyer
  2. Supplier
  3. L/C No.
  4. Order No.
  5. Style No.
  6. Quota No.
  7. Order Qty.
  8. Yarn Quality
  1. Factory
  2. Fabric
  3. Weight
  4. Quantity
  5. Shipment
  6. Shipped By
  7. Description



1. Count & count variation. 2. Yarn strength and its variation. 3. Evenness or regularity of the yarn. 4. Imperfections in the yarn: a) Thick places b) Thin places c) Neps d) Hairiness
5. Twist and twist variation.

We consider common yarn faults and package defects are as follows:
1) Slubs: 2)Crackers : 3) Spinners doubles : 4) Bad piecing and double gaitings :
5) Slough –off ; 6) Bottoms.


Activities of Quality Control and Inspection Report on the Points:

  1. Yarn Defects
  2. Fabric Defects
  3. Trimmings Defects
  4. Cutting Defects
  5. Seaming Defects
  6. Design Defects
  7. Assemble Defects
  8. Measurement Defects
  9. Weight Defects
  10. Washing Defects
  11. Garments Defects
  12. Packing Defects
  1. Dyeing Defects
  2. Color Defects
  3. Thread Defects
  4. Sewing Defects
  5. Production Status
  6. Embroidary Defects
  7. Print Defeects
  8. Wash Defects
  9. Iron Defects
  10. Assortment Defects
  11. Carton Defects
  12. Quantity Check


  1. Accessories Inspection
  2. Pattern & Marker Inspection
  3. Fabrics Cutting Inspection
  4. Machine Inspection
  5. Pre- Production Inspection
  1. Production In-Line Inspection
  2. Production Re-Inspection
  3. Production Final Inspection
  4. Shipment Carton Inspection
  5. (Issue The Inspection Certificates)

Our Garment Inspection Procedure Includes The Following Steps:

IPC (Initial Production Check) : Samples are selected from early production to check conformity to referrence samples and specifications. Deviation are reported to the manufactuer / factory to take corrective action .

DUPRO (During Production Check) : Whenever the production is completed apprpximately 40% to 50% of the shipment quantity , we conduct DUPRO (mid- inspection) to ascertain that initial discrepancies have been rectified and to check the quality of the available production in conformity with buyers requirements deviations, if any are notified to manufacturer for correction.

FRI (Final Random Inspection ) Whenever at least 80% of the goods are packed into export cartons and balance packed into polybags we conduct FRI as per international standard ABC std 105/ mil std105e ( ASQC z 1.4 ), level –II , A.Q.L. 1.5/2.5/ 4.0/6.5 or as advised to us by our valued clients. Top to bottom, inside and outside of Ready-made Garments Quality Control by AQL / TQM systems.

The Inspection Criteria During FRI Is As Follows:

Fabric, sweing, design, style, material, color, make-up, appearance, workmanship, Function, embroidery, print, accessories, label, assortment, measurement, quantity, weight, packing, marking, wash, iron, etc.

In Addition To The Above Services We Also Conduct:

Sourcing assistance, pre- production assessment, follow up reports/ information, factory assessment, pre-shipment and post landing inspection, loading supervision.

Immediately after inspection we advise inspection findings to the buyers for their decision.

We issue INSPECTION CERTIFICATE against each lot/ contract subject to conformity of the goods to contractual requirements or buyer’s acceptance of our actual inspection findings.

For The Textile Quality Testing

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