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Ready-made Garments sector contributes about 76% of the total export earnings. Over 2 million people are employed in the sector, a majority of Whom are women. The sector provides indirect employment for 0.8 million In accessories industries, 0.2 million job to waste recycle industries, Contributes 10.5% to GDP, generates economic activities around us$ 2 bn and provides huge clientele base to banks, insurance, hotels, tourism, transport, toiletries & housing sectors. The industry represents a vital source of employment and income for an less developing countries like Bangladesh.


  1. To concentrate on new trends,fashion, design & regular export.
  2. To quote inco terms on FOB, C&F, FCA, CIF, CMT, CM price for consideration.
  3. To follow up the quality control by ISO certification systems.
  4. To maintain the shipment schedule.
  5. To serve the market in demand towards the export around the globe.
  6. To issue the GSP certificate ( Form a certificate ).
  7. To strive hard for maintain a good reputation in the export market.
  8. To maintain prompt response for any sample and documents, we do DHL/FEDEX.

International Social Compliance Issue:

We follow up the International social compliance issue according to the government and F.L.A. systems for inspection into the factory . We always Concentrate on the following points :

  1. Management systems & social compliance.
  2. Completely no involvement of child labour.
  3. Taken sufficient saffty measures for fire accident safety.
  4. Ensured workers right & working environment.
  5. Workers health & safety.
  6. Complied with all the applicable local laws & other country laws.

Fashion, Design & Innovation:

Fashion with a combination of exclusive design is a symbol of personality and culture. Fashion is something which speaks about attitude and design which tells about artistic mind . Fashion and design is most important for the creation of something new and innovative.

We ABU Strive for management innovation and exert all possible efforts to be the leading company and vision in order to realize the dream of competent & talents. A team of experienced designers employs the latest know-how , molding skills materials to create leading fashions.

We aim to join the top group in the field of fashion on the basis of fundamental philosophy of the motto of a company 7C (Creative, Change, Culture, Consistency, Costume, Challenge, Confidence ) accompanying positive thinking.

Mission Statement :

Our mission is always try hard to remain in winning position by applying advance technology and producing quality products and provide dedicated services, maintain stringent ethical practice in business operation.

Buyers :

Our Buyers Are From Different Countries Of Asia, Europe, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New-Zealand.

Bank :

Arab   Bangladesh   Bank   Limited
Karwan   Bazar   Branch,
Dhaka ,  Bangladesh.

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